A team of  1300 seasoned professional travel agents, providing both expertise and a human touch and  whose collective expertise covers over 350 unique specializations and destinations is the core strength of vacation.com. “With our announcement this week on the new design, we can tout that the vacation.com website gives consumers an easy way to find a travel specialist who meets their individual needs. Not to mention, it is free for consumers,” said Hillary Kline Public Relations Specialist at vacation.com to “Cheese Traveller”.

Travel agents specialists featured on the website are part of vacation.com, which includes more than 5.500 independent retail travel agencies across the United States and Canada.  Any consumer exploring  the new website for an expert, can search for a travel agent based on location, destination, or specialization such as Hawaii, Africa or Europe or based on individual interest. From Disney Vacation, to Luxury cruises to Spa vacations. Various categories such as military, couples, seniors and more are also present and everyone can search to find the best travel agent for their particular needs.
The web and mobile applications that focus on core business functions, such as travel bookings, claims, assistance, insurance portals as well as travel and financial service applications, have transformed the way people travel and consequently their destinations.
“There are so many tools and so much information available to help travelers today. Consumers are more informed, but there is information overload, particularly as it relates to travel,”  said Hillary Kline  Public Relations Specialist at vacation.com. “Today’s travel agents are able to cut through the clutter and truly customize individual vacations that meet the needs of each client. It’s very much a consultative approach to put the right vacation to the right person at the right price.”

All vacation.com travel agents are featured with their key areas of expertise ,including destination knowledge, their travel specialties ,business locations and contact details.The epicenter of vacation.com functionality is the travel agents knowledge. Is this an indication that for vacation.com  the key to a well planned trip is the knowledge brought by the experienced trustworthy professional experts providing the necessary attention to every detail?
“Absolutely!” said Hillary Kline Public Relations Specialist at vacation.com “By using a Vacation.com travel agent, travelers have access to seasoned professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Travel agents pay close attention to details and make sure that their clients are getting the most value for their time and money.”

As for the reasons why anyone should work with a professional travel agent Hillary Kline Public Relations Specialist at vacation.com said “Three things to know about working with a trusted travel agent. First, we are advocates for our clients. We provide “peace of mind” and we’re there with you every step of the way from the beginning through the time you return.Second, we save travelers time and money. We maximize and protect your investment.Third, we provide both expertise and a human touch. We are trained specialists who have extensive travel backgrounds, we listen to our clients to know what they really want and we personalize the process and tailor it to each individual client.”