There are several different types of travellers, mainly depending on where they are going and with what purpose. How many types have you met?

Whether you are going on an adventure or a family vacation, the truth is that you travel because it feels good. There are several different types of travellers, mainly depending on where they are going and with what purpose. During your travels, you have surely come across some of these people, and you might belong to one of the groups as well.

Business Traveller

Business travellers mostly travel to cities rather than going to holiday resorts. Also, business is their main purpose and they rarely go sightseeing.  Even if they do go to a remote area they will go there only for the business. Another characteristic of this group of travellers is that they always keep medical assistance by their side. They often worry about suffering from jet lag and being tired, and that is why they rest and sleep a lot in order not to jeopardize their work efficiency. If you fall into this category, it is recommended to always be rested and to drink plenty of water. However, you also want to be sure that the water you drink is completely clean so it is better to always have a bottle or two with you, especially in unfamiliar surroundings.


This term stands for an independent, international, and low-cost traveller, and it means you are only travelling with light luggage. All the necessary things are usually packed in a backpack in order to make the adventure easier, and to better utilize the use of public transport which is the main means of such travels. This group of travellers likes staying in youth hostels or inexpensive lodgings, and they are often interested in meeting the locals and associating with young adults. Backpackers are all different, but most commonly they can come off as arrogant just because they are used to being independent. However, not all of them are like that and they can easily fit into any surroundings.

Family Traveller

As the very name suggests, these people almost always travel with their families. Whether they are going on a holiday at the seaside or an adventure across country, their children and spouses are coming with them. They are always prepared for everything; all the clothes and necessities are carefully packed in numerous bags, even though they try to travel light. This can be a problem if they are travelling to remote areas, but for short travels, it is an easier solution. Family travellers often opt for travelling by car, since it can hold their entire luggage. However, there is a better and more comfortable option – RVs and caravans. Since such means of travelling offer plenty of space and a home-like atmosphere, most families opt for renting Watsons Jayco caravans and then hitting the road. What is more, if this is your means of travel, you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive hotels, since you always have a place to sleep and eat.

Long-Term Traveller

This group mostly include embassy staff, missionaries, voluntary workers, etc, and those are the people who plan on staying in one country for several months or even years. You have probably come across such solo travellers or couples who just go around the world and enjoy each country for a fair amount of time. Also, some backpackers fall into this category, especially those who travel around the world with nothing but a backpack. Long-term travellers don’t do this because they want to go on a vacation, but because travelling is their lifestyle, and they always seek new adventures and experiences. If you ever come across long-term travellers, don’t forget to ask them for some travelling advice, since they are often filled with valuable information.

Essentially, these are the most common types of travellers. They all have different purposes and ways of enjoying their travels. For some it’s just about business, but there are many of those who build their lives around travelling and new adventures.