Iceland has been growing rapidly in popularity during the past few years attracting visitors both during summer and wintertime. Iceland never disappoints, but to have the best deal available you have to plan the trip ahead. This is where the new revolutionary free web platform “TripCreator”, product of Icelandic ingenuity, comes to the center stage. By using state of the art programming “TripCreator” creates tailor made plans and offers the best prices available.

“TripCreator”, as all the innovative and revolutionary ideas comes with its own creation myth. CEO and founder Hilmar Halldórsson said to “Cheese Traveller” how the idea came to him. “It was my own frustrations over travel planning that lead me to developing TripCreator. I was travelling in Canada and was surprised at how difficult it was to gather all the information I needed about the destination. I had to browse many websites to learn about accommodation, rental cars, activities and interesting places to visit. I felt that I had to spend too much time and effort planning my trip so the idea came to me to make this process simpler and more enjoyable. I felt the need to create a platform where travelers can get in-depth information about the destination, a tool where they can create detailed itineraries and book the whole thing in one place.”
That need to avoid unnecessary frustrations and time consuming practices was the motivational force behind the creation of the “TripCreator”.
“I wanted to create a tool where travellers can create their perfect holiday based on their interests, their needs, their budget and their preferences.” said CEO and founder Hilmar Halldórsson. “TripCreator” is that tool. It creates a suggestion for a trip plan, which the user can then customize fully to his/her own needs.”
Iceland with its unique rural environment is one of the best destinations year round for family vacations, for outdoor recreational activities and especially sport fishing. In fact Iceland has much more to offer from the magical northern lights in the sky to the wildlife and the unique landscape and natural wonders that without proper planning it is quite possible that travelers will miss out some of the amazing things Iceland has to offer.

“Planning your trip in Iceland is quite important.” said to “ Cheese Traveller” CEO and founder of “TripCreator” Hilmar Halldórsson and added “Tourism in Iceland has been growing rapidly in recent years so you can expect a lot of accommodation, transportation, tours and activities to be fully booked if you don’t book in advance. Also, Iceland is a unique destination with natural wonders and beautiful landscapes at every turn, it is quite possible that you will miss out on some amazing things if you don’t plan out your day and know where to go and how to get there. With TripCreator you can always get information about what to do and see in a certain area so it makes planning your trip very easy.”

The fact that Iceland has been growing in popularity during the last years is an indication that tourists are seeking something more, something different than the usual “sea and sand” destinations.

“True.” said CEO and “TripCreator” founder Hilmar Halldórsson and explained “Iceland is not for those who are seeking sunny beaches and cocktails on the patio. Iceland is for those who wish to experience something new, something out of the ordinary. Iceland is rugged and sometimes challenging, but it will never leave you disappointed. In recent years we have learnt that more and more people are travelling to Iceland to break up their daily routine, get in touch with nature, feel the natural forces and create unique memories.”

Tourism in Iceland constitute one of the largest human activities even bigger than the fisheries industry and aluminum production and for that matter is very important for the economic growth of the rural and coastal communities. The use of “TripCreator” may benefit and enhance their development as the platform seeks to direct travelers to all the region and introduce hidden locations and attractions.

“Tourism’s share of foreign exchange earnings in Iceland has grown from 18.8% to 27.9% between 2010-2014 according to measurements on the export of goods and services.” said to “Cheese Traveller” the CEO and founder of “TripCreator” Hilmar Halldórsson. “At present, tourism accounts for more foreign exchange income than the fisheries industry and aluminum production, which are quite large. Tourism is very important for rural communities and many places have been re-established as important locations in the country because of tourism and the opportunities it offers. For example the small town of Húsavík in North Iceland now thrives on whale watching tours and the industry has brought many jobs and opportunities for the people living there. Tourism is now by far the biggest industry in the community and travellers have brought new life to the town. TripCreator seeks to direct travellers to all the regions of Iceland and introduce hidden gems and attractions off the beaten track. We want travellers to experience not only the most popular places, but also those that the less known. TripCreator seeks to establish a good relationship with tour operators around the country and together we want to introduce travellers to the rural communities and further their development.

“TripCreator”  is a revolutionary tool able to help travellers plan better vacations and enjoy the many wonders Iceland has to offer.