The new American Cruise Line schedule includes a variety of theme cruises which explore, the most intriguing aspects of American heritage and culture.

Of all the aspects of the American Cruise Line sailings the most alluring is their fabulous line up of theme cruises.  Either looking to delve into the most intriguing aspects of American history, or seeking a deeper understanding of the American culture and heritage, the 2018-2019 theme cruise line up includes a variety of themes to explore.

American Cruise Lines has something for everyone. For history or literary enthusiasts, a Civil War, Lewis & Clark, or Mark Twain Tribute Cruise is an ideal choice. Music aficionados will love the Lower Mississippi Music Cruise which features the birthplace of jazz and blues, as well as the Nashville Country and Blues Cruise which visits the legendary Grand Ole Opry.  The Food & Wine cruises along the Columbia and Snake Rivers, Lobsterbake cruises in New England, Crabfest cruises in Chesapeake Bay, and Culinary cruises along the Mississippi River, are perfect for gourmands and wine connoisseurs alike.

Each specific theme is carefully planned to match the cruise’s geographic region creating an unparalleled, immersive, and culturally enriching experience for the guests. In addition, a wealth of authors, historians, and entertainers join passengers on board to bring each theme to life.  Among them: Ecologist Tom Stanley, Riverlorian Todd Webber, actor/historian Richard Garey, and Jefferson Davis’ great great grandson Bertram Hayes-Davis.

American Cruise Lines Lounge

2018-2019 Theme Cruises Line up:

History & Literature

American Revolution & Crabfest Cruises, Chesapeake Bay (April, May, October & November)

Mississippi River Civil War Cruises (March, April, May & October)

Historic South Civil War Cruises (March & April)

Lewis & Clark Cruises, Columbia & Snake Rivers (April, May, June, July, August, September & October)

Mark Twain Tribute Cruises, Upper Mississippi (August & September)

Wine & Cuisine

Grand New England Lobsterbake Cruises (May, June, July, August & September)

New England Islands Lobsterbake Cruises (June, July, August & September)

Maine Coast & Harbors Lobsterbake Cruises (June, July, August & September)

Columbia Wine Cruises, Columbia & Snake Rivers (April, May, June, July & September)

Puget Sound Food & Wine Cruises (October)

Lower Mississippi Culinary Cruises (June & October)

Mississippi Gateway Food & Wine Cruises (July)


Mississippi River Music Theme Cruises (March, April & December)

Nashville Country & Blues Cruises, Cumberland River (September)


Tulip Festival Cruises, Puget Sound & San Juan Islands (April)

Holiday-Themed Cruises (Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year’s)

Fall Foliage Cruises (October)

American Cruise Lines LoungeWhether guests are celebrating the arrival of Spring on a Tulip Festival Cruise or retracing the steps of Lewis & Clark, they are sure to be entertained and enlightened, ship-to-shore, on these marvelous themed adventures.

*Theme Cruise dates and schedules are subject to change.




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