TastePlease is available globally allowing foodies to use the platform to interact, explore and taste local culture easily.

The online travel market is driven by technology which provides quick and convenient flight and hotel bookings, online payments and the ability to explore and taste local culture more easily than ever before. Taste Please is a Copenhagen initiative that offers food lovers across the globe a new platform for social dining and interaction.

Food tourism has evolved 100% into a critical travel consideration said Morgan Thomas Manager of Taste Relations to Cheese Traveller. “We have found that travelers are so influenced by social media & food that it’s all about the most unique fully immersive experiences! And showing them off on social media,” he said.

Travelers are increasingly seeking regionally-authentic itineraries that offer an intimate view of local cultures and the new platform provides the necessary equipment. “TastePlease is available globally, 190 countries & 14+ languages allowing our users to easily use the platform to explore and taste local culture easily,” said Morgan Thomas and concluded: “Whether you are a tourist or a local, you are able to search for truly unique experiences anywhere, anytime. Imagine travelling to Tokyo and using TastePlease to book a seat at a traditional Japanese families table or tasting a true Australian BBQ on Bondi beach in Sydney.”

“TastePlease will revolutionize the way we dine, meet and interact.The new social platform makes it much easier for people with a passion for food to come together, it’s a worldwide dining club where everybody is invited.”

Frank Lantz

The new social platform is based on an idea of the experienced chef and former restaurant owner Frank Lantz. “As a prominent successful chef, restaurant owner and entrepreneur travelling the world, Frank wanted to create a social food universe where everyone, anywhere, anytime can experience true local culture through food,” explained  Morgan Thomas.

The modern travel market is full of new interesting tools that can aid travelers to plan and execute the trip of their lives. So, what makes Taste Please unique? “TastePlease is unique in that we are fully integrated with social media to allow our users to connect globally and have access to an abundance of information and events wherever they are in the world,“ said Morgan Thomas.

The new TastePlease platform offers its users the opportunity to create, host and join authentic culinary events anywhere.  “Authentic food experiences are essential in tasting true local culture and potentially breaking down pre-formed cultural barriers and or stereotypes,” said Morgan Thomas.

Unlike other social media platforms, Taste Please  is focused on sharing in-person experiences as it makes it easier for people with fashion for food to come together.