Slow travelers will have a chance to visit Taiwan thanks to the Theme Parks Tour which is tailor made for the travelers who wish to visit Taiwan in a more in depth way and have a deeper understanding of Taiwan.
There are 24 fun and diverse theme parks that represent different sides of the island. Travelers can discover the wildlife of Taiwan by paying a visit to the ecological conservation forests and natural mountain landscape, while on the culture side, primitive aboriginal parks and Hakka areas are great places to experience cultural diversity. The theme parks will offer international tourists unforgettable experiences like hand pounding Hakka mochi, full roast pork on a bonfire, authentic aboriginal dance festival, watching fireflies at night and sleeping alongside zebras, giraffes and other animals.
Kentington Resort, located at the southernmost tip of Taiwan, is a perfect getaway resort, with rich natural surroundings. Sunbathing, falling asleep under the stars, listening to the singing insects and birds, hiking and biking along the island’s coastline. Travelers can also plan a trip to Bada Forest Paradise at the nearby Chaozhou Township to see over 3,000 mahogany trees in the forest, or to participate in the King of the Jungle interactive activities.
Alternatively, travelers can have a taste of the true Taiwan grown coffee by visiting Janfusun Fantasy World in Yunlin County. Yunlin County is well known for coffee planting, so Janfusun Fantasy World has established Taiwan’s only Coffee Culture and Education Park where visitors can get to see the coffee planting farm, coffee roasting process and make a cup of fresh coffee for themselves. Janfusun Fantasy World also has Taiwan’s highest Ferris wheel and adventurous facilities like the G5 Diving Machine, Sky Jet and Crazy Coaster.
Taiwan currently has a total 24 theme parks, each park features its own unique theme and selling point. There are multi-purpose leisure resorts, eco-conservation nature forest parks, natural landscape, amusement parks with thrill rides, aboriginal culture and more. These theme parks all received a health, safety and education recognition certification from the Taiwan government, which stands for being both high quality and family-friendly. For more details about the Taiwan theme park network, please visit the official website



SOURCE:Taiwan Theme Parks/ PRNewswire