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Plenty Of Patience and Planning recommends the author of the informative new book “A Handbook for Special Needs Travelers” Linda Cutrupi. The owner of Mainly Special Needs Travel, LLC talking exclusively to “Cheese Traveller” reveals  a second edition of the book with an added chapter on children with special needs.

“A Handbook for Special Needs Travelers” is a wonderful book offering useful and comprehensive travel information for individuals with serious physical disabilities and special needs.The book is filled with travel tips, tricks and information on the types of accommodations available for almost every manner of physical or health challenged travelers.The handbook addresses every aspect of planning a vacation. Everything from special access rooms, to hospital beds or even dialysis treatments can be seamlessly arranged once you have the right information and know whom to contact.Linda’s Cutrupi new handbook arrived at the right time to address the need of many of our fellow citizens for joyful vacations with their families.


Cheese Traveller:Is there a special section for children with special needs?

Linda Cutrupi: In the current book, there is no chapter on traveling with children with special needs. This will be added in the second edition.

Cheese Traveller: What is the most common problem parents face while traveling and vacationing with their children?

Linda Cutrupi:The most common problem parents have is that they try to fit too much into the vacation. You have to plan an easy vacation with plenty of down time for the children to relax. Parents that try to do sightseeing from morning to night end up very stressed because the children get tired and bored. Children need time to do their own thing and play and rest.
Parents also need PLENTY OF PATIENCE. If they don’t take that along with them they get stressed and frustrated and everyone is miserable.

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Cheese Traveller:How difficult is to planning, without reading your book “A Handbook for Special Needs Travelers”, a vacation for individuals with special needs and health issues?

Linda Cutrupi:The key to planning a vacation for folks with special needs, of any age, is PLANNING. You need to start early and go over every detail of the vacation to be sure it is considered and dealt with. Planning in a rush only leads to problems and stress. Every detail needs to be checked and re-checked.
Because conditions, accommodations and rules are always changing, it’s important to have an advocate by your side to help you plan your trip. And the best helpmate you can have on your side is a travel professional that specializes in special needs travel. A travel professional can anticipate your travel needs and help you prepare for any complications that may arise.
Of course, even in today’s more positive travel climate, not every vacation is accessible to every special needs traveler.
The main point, however, is that they no longer need to stay home. The travel and hospitality industries have changed and there is no reason a person with special needs cannot go and have a great vacation and make memories.