Brilliance and innovation are behind the launch of the new free mobile app Record360 that protects customers from liability. “We developed Record360 as a way to protect consumers from liability when traveling, or sharing, renting property,” said emphatically CEO of Record360 Shane Skinner to “Cheese Traveller”.

“During my days at Enterprise Rent a Car I saw how damage disputes effected customer relationships.” reveals the CEO of Record360 Shane Skinner.That knowledge was put to good use for the creation of the new app. “Whether arguments about existing damage at check-out versus check-in, different rules about what constitutes damage, or disagreements around costs, it’s always a lose-lose situation costing millions in lost claims and lost customers. Plus, disputes revolving around damage impact customer relationships, hurt customer service, and expose rental companies to negative press, ratings and reviews.”

REcord 360The new free mobile app Winner of the 2015 Elliott Award for Best Travel Application, is very important for the families while traveling or in vacation. Shane Skinner explains that this is because “billions are lost each year in damages missed during the exchange of property, vehicles and equipment. When renting houses,autos, etc., there is always the risk of damage disputes or liability for something you did not cause. The last thing anyone wants is a bill for damages they were not responsible for, or an ongoing liability dispute after they return home!

Using Record 360, is extremely easy. All you have to do is simply walk around the item or dwelling, using taps on a mobile device to capture video, images, highlights and necessary annotations from all angles. The app creates a time-stamped, geo-tagged record of property at the time of exchange or inspection, stored in the cloud, so users will not be held liable for damage they did not cause.


The business app is just as easy to use as the consumer version. “The enterprise version automates how rental companies manage inspection and asset condition reporting for vehicles, equipment, property, etc. across the enterprise and points-of-sale” explains the CEO of Record360 Shane Skinner, and clarifies “As mentioned above, damage disputes are a consistent CRM black hole for nearly every rental business. To that, fleet management systems only manage inventory, not damage. Moreover, paper-based asset condition and claims management processes or low-fidelity digital reporting are clearly outdated. The ubiquity of mobile devices has created an opportunity to catch up without having to make massive investments in new systems or revamp tried-and-true processes.”

. Key features of the enterprise version include:
• Customizable for a variety of business applications, processes, and industries
• Simple to implement in single or multiple locations, easy to train additional staff
• Multiple data points available for reporting, analysis, and workflow efficiencies
• Custom notes/set up one-tap using your own terms/language for damage and flaws
• Accurate VIN scanning, complete with information

The CEO of Record 360 Shane Skinner points out. “Individuals or entire teams can capture and view asset condition records from point of hand-off anywhere from their tablet or Smartphone. Our enterprise dashboard offers customizable workflow across a broad range of use cases—with completely adaptable architecture and all data stored in the cloud for easy access and sharing.”

Record360 is available for iOS v7.0+ and on most Android 4.4+ devices.