The new Melbourne-Qingdao-Shenyang flight route will be operated by Beijing Capital Airlines. On September 30th, Beijing Capital Airlines will officially launch its Melbourne-Qingdao-Shenyang route, running three times a week.

Travelers will enjoy the comfort of the Airbus A330, in this journey above the clouds to the other hemisphere, and embrace the late autumn modernism of Shenyang and Qingdao. Beijing Capital Airlines is offering a launch event promotional price, starting from AUD$100 for an economy class round-trip (excluding tax), and AUD$1,630 for a business class round-trip (excluding tax).

Melbourne-Qingdao-Shenyang Flight Schedule

Flight # Schedule Terminal Take-off Landing Terminal Take-off Landing Terminal
JD462 Tue/Thu/Sat Melbourne 10:25 20:05 Qingdao 22:05 23:35 Shenyang
JD461 Mon/Wed/Fri Shenyang 15:25 16:55 Qingdao 18:55 08:25+1 Melbourne
*Overseas Local Time


Qingdao (Tsingtao) is a famous seaside touristic city, and along with the improvement of living standards, tourist spending has contributed greatly to the local economy. The growing middle class in Qingdao has facilitated more and more leisure travel. Qingdao is one of the fastest-growing cities in China, and is among the top ten cities in the country with the largest number of Chinese outbound tourists.


Shenyang is a Chinese historical and cultural center with more than 2,300 years of history. Once known as “the birthplace of the Qing emperors”, it is now the most important city for equipment manufacturing for heavy industry in China. It has also been known as the “eldest son of the Republic” and “Eastern Roure”.

Beijing Capital Airlines’ new Melbourne-Qingdao-Shenyang route will carry passengers to the other side of the Earth on a wide body aircraft. Visitors will experience the Chinese way of life, while further strengthening Australia-China economic and cultural bonds.

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About Beijing Capital Airlines Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2010, Beijing Capital Airlines, relying on the strong network of HNA Tourism Group, and the resources of Beijing Tourism Group (BTG), has successfully expanded its influence in the travel & tourism industries. With the strategic vision of becoming a leading touristic airline, Beijing Capital Airlines has actively approached international destinations and launched a total of 42 international routes so far, and is further developing direct services allowing travelers to fly and explore the world, with one sincere motto: “From beautiful cities to a wonderful World.”


SOURCE Beijing Capital Airlines