If you love traveling and cruising never appealed to you, then the new 2018 Northern Lights and Antarctica Hurtigtruten cruises might be right for you.

People take cruises because they are excited to take a vacation where they have the opportunity to visit many locations in one trip. A real cruiser is both a tourist and a traveler seeking to both have a great vacation and cultural enrichment. If you love traveling and cruising never appealed to you, then the new 2018 Northern Lights and Antarctica Hurtigruten cruises might be just right for you.

2018, Northern Lights and Antarctica Hurtigruten cruises

Southern Hemisphere Adventure to Antarctica – Southbound

  • Witness the wildlife of the Southern Hemisphere, take a hike or go kayaking at one of the most remote places in the world.
  • Antarctica, Patagonia, the Falklands & South America (17-day)
  • October 22, 2018 – November 7, 2018.

In Search of the Northern Lights

  • Offering the best times to see the Northern Lights with beautiful scenery along the way – including the charming towns such as Trondheim.
  • Bergen – Tromsøn (6-day)
  • 2018 Sailing are available from January-March and November-December.

Reasons To Chose A Hurtigruten Cruise

Cruising allows guest to see many places that would have been very hard to reach with other means. Especially on small ships sailing like those offered by Hurtigruten guests will have a chance to maneuver through narrow waterways and dock at small ports to enjoy the wild nature.

Authentic experience is not being in a port but to immerse in the culture of the land you are visiting. On board Hurtigruten guests have the opportunity to learn more about the land, the history, the foods and local customs. And when tiered of learning they can simply kick back and enjoy the stars. Stargazing is a must cruise activity.

Antarctica and the northern lights are nearly in every serious cruiser and traveler bucket list destinations. The expedition cruises offer expired guides and top notch equipment to explore thin natural wonders. The expeditions will offer valuable insights and guests will acquire knowledge about the places they visited during the excursions.

In a small cruise ship, like those used by Hurtigruten you will also get the opportunity to know your captain, your crew members and interact with them as they can  offer valuable insights and help. In addition, their efficiency and professionalism will guarantee of your safety. Soon you will experience an onboard experience that for the duration of trip you will call home.

Happy Hurtigruten sailings!


Photo Credit : ©Erik-Jakobsen



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