NeoTripper creates the perfect itinerary so you can have the experience of a life-time every-time.

NeoTripper in a nutshell is a location aware AI travel assistant that builds itineraries based on your your likes and dislikes. In addition NeoTripper lets you book activities and amenities while you are signed into the hotel WiFi. Keenan Clarke, the person behind the project shared his ideas and explained the use of this new smart app, that has the ability to “learn” you and present you with the perfect itinerary in 30 seconds.

Q. Why did you want to create this app?

A. Believe it or not, NeoTripper started off as a paperback book that used QR codes to make locations immediately accessible. It was called ‘Brum’ because I’m from Birmingham, I’m 22. I’m impulsive so one day I looked at it and thought “how can I develop this into an app?” and then my journey started, or it continued.

Q. How this app relate to travel?

A. The app itself is an Artificial Intelligence by name, it’s a SAAS so software as a service. Simply put, NeoTripper is a smart travel assistant that learns you, then presents the perfect itinerary so you can have the experience of a life-time every-time.

Q. What was your role in the app creation?

Keenan Clarke CEO of NeoTripper

A. I’m the founder and CEO of NeoTripper. I’d describe myself during the creation phase as both a conceptualiser and a meticulous planner. It was 24/7, literally I’d go to sleep with a problem and then in my dreams I’d be solving it. Then I’d wake up and message Michael from Sapphire Arts and they’d translate my thoughts into code.

Q. Did you change any of your habits during the creation of the app?

A. I’ve not long graduated from university so I was used to spending money from my student finance and my job at Tesco on clothes, trainers and studio time. Then that finished and the NeoTripper journey really started. I realised I had to push financial boundaries and push myself to damn near breaking point. I became almost antisocial for a while. I’d live in my own mind and only come out of it to play football. I’m still laid back and I don’t know what stress is, but I’m always ‘on’ and I sort of don’t know how to switch off.

Q.There are so many tools and so much information available to help travelers’ today. What makes the app unique?

A. There’s so much information and travel related apps designed to help travelers, it actually does the opposite and that’s the paradox of over-choice. NeoTripper overcomes that by simplifying travel. It learns you and it’s ‘auto-itinerary’ feature presents you with the perfect itinerary in 30 seconds.

Q.What are the economic stakes of the app from your perspective? Who might be harmed or helped by this app?

A. NeoTripper partners with hotels so it can offer to design their guests bookable trips as soon as they log into Wi-Fi. We can help hotels and hotel groups compete in the digital age. Therefore, NeoTripper helps hotels compete against the likes of AirBnB, because NeoTripper raises the expectation levels of the service on offer by a particular lodger. And I think that’s important because AirBnB are primarily a tech company and then a hospitality company second, so it gives them a really unfair advantage as a hospitality company in today’s tech dependent world so NeoTripper levels the playing field.

Q. How do you deal with trust and safety?

A.  We’re a company built on extremely strong morals and values and we’re proud to have a culture of transparency, where everyone knows what we’re doing, when we’re doing it, why we’re doing it and how and that allows us to trust and be trusted.

Q.What comes next?

A.  What’s next… When I close my eyes I see NeoTripper in every hotel in the world. And when I look further I see NeoTripper in airlines too.


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