MyLeisure the new revolutionary free entertainment app is here to change the way people interact with music, TV and movies. Providing a personalized content to each user with a brand-new recommendation system, that differs from all others on the market, the app has reached the Australian App Store TOP-10 list within just a couple of days after its release. With unique features like the “Circle of Fun” the app continues to win positions worldwide.

“At the moment we have a vast choice of movies, music, TV-series. Recently we uploaded apps and some games” said Omri Shabi, CEO and Co-founder of MyLeisure to “Cheese Traveller” and added “Books are coming soon! That’s what I as a user am waiting for with great interest and impatience!”

In contrast with the past, there are more sources and numerous publications of music, film and TV than ever before and any item of music or movie can be found via Internet. Hence people are quite well informed. “But”  as Omri Shabi, CEO and Co-founder of MyLeisure pointed out  “we are living in the word of advertizing: the more money is spend on promoting a musician or a film, the easier it is to make this item noticed among the others. And some great but not promoted items just stay unnoticed. MyLeisure has no promoting of any content in it. The main orient is user himself with his preferences and tastes. We have several “because” of why we show this specific item to this specific user. For example: because he is an action-fun, because his friends recommend, because people with similar tastes liked it and so on. And it is easy to set our system – by liking and disliking the content items, So the selection of what to watch or what to listen to is only in user’s hands – he will notice the movie or film which he might like, no matter promoted and famous it is or not.”

One of the main competitive edges for an app is user satisfaction and unique features. One of the defining features of the free app is the “Circle of Fun”. Omri Shabi, CEO and Co-founder of MyLeisure explained to “Cheese Traveller” how the “Circle of Fun” works. “One of the features of MyLeisure is inviting friends to a “Circle of Fun”, get friends’ recommendations. You propose your friends to use something if you like it yourself, right?
So what we see now is that each user invites at least 20 of his friends. That means that users are interested. But we continue working on the app to make it more and more comfortable.”

The developers of MyLeisure believe that the old approach, based on search history, is not enough to provide personalized recommendations and they create a unique algorithm, which provides recommendations based on almost everything that is happening around a person’s leisure experience. MyLeisure free app is a multi-content platform. It provides users with recommendations not only for music, but also for what to watch or read. The system collects all preferences and tastes of each person in a unique Leisure ID, which is then controlled by the user. The more time the user spends with the app, liking and viewing items the more customized content the system provides. In fact, MyLeisure app is like a personal fun manager which remembers everything about the user and recommends the very best personalized content. That is how MyLeisure maximizes free time, minimizes searching and offers only the best leisure choices, unique to each user’s tastes and preferences.

There is more coming soon. “We are also planning Apple TV + chromecast integration,” said Omri Shabi, CEO and Co-founder of MyLeisure “the Android version, direct streaming and Additional categories, like shows and restaurants.”