Learning about unique agricultural techniques for native varietals such as giant corn is included in this luxury foodie Tour in Peru.
Peruvian woman harvesting a special varietal of corn in a traditional manner. (PRNewsFoto/Southwind Adventures)

Gastronomic tourism is an emerging type of travel product where the cuisine of the destination country is an aspect of great importance in the quality of the overall holiday experience. Is culinary, gourmet tourism the next big thing in travel? “Yes, Gastronomic tourism is one of the leading travel segments of growth currently” said to “Cheese Traveller” Dana Johnson Director of Marketing and Sales at Southwind Adventures. “People are interested in experiential travel and food it relatable for all.”

Southwind Adventures has designed an original, first-class tour featuring the gastronomic traditions of Peru. The 9-day tour “Flavors & Culinary Traditions” hosts a variety of experiences, including delightful lunches and dinners at top and historic restaurants, Andean crops and interaction with local farmers, tastings and cooking demonstrations and classes hosted by leading chefs in the region.  A perfect trip for couples, families and other small groups, these activities are hands-on and begin in the traditional street markets and end at the table with a shared meal and famous Pisco Sours. Learning about unique agricultural techniques for native varietals such as giant corn and some of the 3800 species of potatoes growing in the country is included in this richly developed itinerary with visits to the terraced croplands of the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.

Peru is home to Machu Picchu, one the  most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage sites on the planet, but, what makes Peru stand out as a gourmet destination? “Peru is a major shipping port in South America.” explained Dana Jonshon “Because of this many immigrants from various countries have immigrated there, the traditional Incan/Peruvian food has been fused with these various other cultural foods making it an incredible culinary destination.  Peru is consistently voted in the the top 10 of world destinations for food.”

Hands-on cooking classes, making Peruvian fusion dishes. (PRNewsFoto/Southwind Adventures)

This year Peru was awarded the  South America’s Leading Culinary Destination by the World Travel Awards. According to the World Food Travel Association, the world’s leading authority on food and drink tourism, culinary travelers are looking for authentic experiences with underlying sustainability. In fact, the tourism sector affects business development, sustainable growth, social and economic involvement and regeneration. How important is culinary tourism in Peru? “Culinary tourism is extremely important for Peru to maintain its level of incoming tourism economy.” underlined Dana Johnoson Director of Marketing and Sales at Southwind Adventures. “Machu Picchu is still a bucket list item for most, but in regards to the new traveler looking for something that hasn’t been done before, the food experience is it. Hand’s on cooking classes with cultural interactions in addition to seeing Machu Pichhu makes this trip very memorable and unique.”

Tourism offers products and services to consumers where one can experience either eudemonic or hedonic well-being. How Foodie Tours might enhance the travelers experiences? “People are biological beings and thus their memories are tied to the most basic life-sustaining elements.” explained  Dana Jonshon.”Because food is the basis for life, incorporating food into a tour laced with culture, history and fun, makes it extremely memorable and heartwarming.”

Southwind Adventures, is a luxury boutique tour operator, specializing in Latin America’s top destinations, has been operating trips to Peru for over 26 years providing  guests with the highest levels of personal service, quality and value in their travels.Furthermore the new tour can be customized according to travelers interests and includes first-class, hand selected hotels with options to upgrade to Luxury accommodations, private native culinary guides, comfortable vehicles with professional drivers and important attention to detail making it sure to delight foodies worldwide.