The first Longli International New Media Arts Festival will be held in Longli Ancient Town, Jinping County, Guizhou Province, China from October 1 to 5, 2016.

This arts festival consists of three parts: exhibition, forum and interaction, and falls into four sections: works by the teachers and students of Chinese art colleges, Chinese professional troupes and artists, Chinese independent artists, and summits. The principles of “environmental protection” and “thrift will extend from the professional field to the landscape scenery and will attract many artists to take a part by making a breakthrough in art philosophy to set up a new international platform on which art and technology are fused together.

Different from previous arts festivals, this one will take place focused by the idea of “environmental protection, coexistence, boundary-crossing, Longli, the world and other relevant elements to promote the green development of tourism in Guizhou, China. The core of this festival is to “discuss the present life using the present‘s micro-media”, but in order to avoid being swayed by dazzling sound and light as usual, the festival will be more focused on the integration of regional culture with the folk culture of Longli, to make artistic works strike a chord with Longli in various new ways.

Longli Ancient Town has been standing majestically in Guizhou since the Ming Dynasty, giving birth to unique HanTunpu and other scholarly cultures. Be it the “painted face dragon”, created from the essence of the dragon dance and dramatic performance, or the internationally renowned cultural landscape formed from the architectural complex built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, everything in Longli speaks to artists of the town’s primitive cultural charm and makes it an inexhaustible source of creation. In particular, Longli Ancient Town has been listed as one of the ecological museums in Guizhou for the cooperation between China and the Kingdom of Norway due to its profound ecological cultural deposits. That is exactly why this ancient town of China has enchanted artists from all over the world.

Longli Ancient Town has drawn high attention from the Chinese government. As a result, the China Culture Industrial Investment Fund will offer critical support to the Longli International New Media Arts Festival in terms of partnership promotions, investment and financing, talent training, technical support and expert consulting. The Fund will also encourage the organizers to apply for China’s special funds for cultural industry development this year.

Chinese artists hope to show the world a new look of Longli Ancient Town at this arts festival, so that people around the globe can enjoy its unique cultural and artistic charms. It is also expected to drive the upgrading of the creativity of the tourism industry in Longli through the integration of science with culture and travel.


SOURCE Jinping County, Guizhou Province