Las Vegas is the preferred destination for 28 States, not to mention all those travelers from every corner of the earth that arrive everyday at the airport. Vegas is for everybody,but for those that are on strict  budget a few good deals are in order:

1. Hotel Rates vary but you can take advantage of a 12% off on Las Vegas hotel stays until 9/9.

2.  You can also check for Cheep flights.

3.Many casinos offer free drinks to gamblers but please remember to tip graciously your server!

4. You are in Vegas and Vegas means shows! You can find discounted tickets up to 50% off!

5. You should invest in a Explorer Pass  which includes entry to many attractions up to 55%.

6. A horseback riding is also an extremely fun thing to do and the deal becomes even better with a BBQ at the end of the ride!

7. What about a Grand Canyon Tour 45% off? An unforgettable experience!

8. Invest to A Nightclub pass  that exclusive, VIP access to nearly 50 of the hottest venues on Vegas

Las Vegas is the epicenter of fun even if you are on budget!