A kitesurfing  vacation is a truly unique way to combine epic adventure, rewarding sports and ultimate luxury. For people that simply  want to roll over, have a coffee, and throw their  kite in the water to ride before breakfast the Caribbean waters are the perfect choice.

Best Kitesurfing  Caribbean Destinations

The Caribbean between November 1st – June 1st is the perfect location for kite surfers as the region have a great number  of Kitesurfing spots blessed by the trade winds from mid December until the end of June. However every single island has their own  particularities and difficulties.

Union Island

Union Island is the most desired destination for kitesurfing vacation. The location has the best trade winds and flat water spots. Another reason tho choose Union Island is the easy access it offers to the neighboring islands. Only a short speed boat ride away. The two main spots of the island are famous and many professional Kiteboarders and big Kiteboarding brands like North, Ocean Rodeo and Epic come regularly to shoot their annual product shoots.


Barbados is another great kitesurfing destination. The Silver Rock Kitesurfing spot at Brian Talma Kitesurfing Center is the best place for kite surfing holidays. The place offers some of the most beautiful, nice and easily accessible waves in the Caribbean. However the island don’t offer the best flat water spots and thus freestyle is not recommended. Barbados is a great option for someone who wants to have some fan on the waves and enjoy the different bars, parties and restaurant the island has to offer.

Martinique and Guadeloupe

In the middle of the Caribbean there are two French islands. Martinique and Guadeloupe. This is France soil! Euros and Fashion go hand in hand with pristine waters and some very serious kite surfing spots located around the east coast. The wind is better in the morning but blows almost every day.


St.Lucia  is a great location for kite surfing vacations. It has three main Kitesurfing spots. The first is located on the North of the island in Case en Bas and  the other two in the South near the international airport in Vieux Fort. Case en Bas is  the best location for freestyle as the bay is protected. There is also a kite school for those wishing either to learn or to improve their stye in the protected bay. However the wind can be somewhat gusty at the start of the windy season form December to February. This is because the trade winds come from the North. From March until the end of June the wind direction is better. At the Vieux Fort location there is also kite school. Another great location nearby is the big Coconut Bay Resort that also features nice kickers and a great lagoon to practice.


Kitesurfing Gear And Lesson Cost

Kitesurfing is not very cheap as the novice kitesurfer has to invest between $1000 to $3000, depending on the quality and newness of the kitesurfing gear. A kite, board, harness, bar and lines are absolutely necessary. A kitesurfer  might  require also  a life-vest (PFD), wetsuit, booties, gloves, hood, a couple kites for varying conditions.

Kite surfing lesson are not simply highly recommended they are necessary. Lessons can run  from fifty dollars, to several hundred dollars. Prior experience in surfing, kite-flying, windsurfing or wakeboarding is beneficial as the learning curve will be shorter. The sport is open to anyone wishing to learn and have the necessary patience and willingness to learn. A moderate of level of physical fitness however is required.


Kitesufing is  a complex sport. It might be nothing like it; but despite the fact that is very rewarding and a great experience it is also dangerous. It is a fact that travel involves risks and the are a few good arguments in favor of a travel insurance especially one that covers health issues. This way everyone can enjoy the best kitesurfing vacation and at the same time avoid travel stress.