Arita/Imari porcelain is the first ceramics made in Japan. Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo will introduce this traditional cultural craft to guests

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo, will host the “37th Arita and Imari Porcelain Exhibition” from July 1st to August 2nd, 2017. Hotel guests will have an opportunity to admire the Arita/Imari porcelain, the first ceramics, from the southern island of Kyushu, made in Japan, . The theme of this year’s exhibition is “antique porcelain in contemporary life” and various “Ko Imari (Antique Arita)” porcelain products will be displayed for sale to visitors along with other items. As part of this exhibition, special meals using Arita porcelain dishes will be served at restaurants and lounges within our hotel.

In collaboration with the Gallery Maesaka Seitendo and Tasaburo, two well-known antique art dealers in Tokyo, art items representing the Ko Imari style of porcelain will be displayed and available for sale. Also, space producer and Japan Party Planner Association Chairman Yoko Maruyama will create special dinner table settings using Ko Imari style porcelain dishes for the enjoyment of exhibition participants.  As part of this exhibition, special meals using Arita porcelain dishes will be served at nine different restaurants and lounge dining facilities, including the  Japanese Cuisine “Kagari”, Kaiseki Cuisine “Soujuan”, French and Italian Cuisine“ Duo Fourchettes ” and other venues . In addition, the hotel will prepare a special Japanese breakfast served on Arita porcelain dishes limited to 20 guests using the top category club floor “Premier Grand”

A “special talk and lunch event” will be hosted on July 19, 2017, with a special lecture(Japanese language only) given by Professor Masaaki Arakawa of Gakushuin University, who specializes in the study of the history of Japanese ceramics

This year’s Arita and Imari Porcelain Exhibition marks the 37th year to be hosted, and is designed to show how this traditional art form is used in Japanese lifestyles. Furthermore, this event is part of the Keio Plaza Hotel’s program of Japanese cultural experience events, which are designed to satisfy the growing interest in Japanese culture of the overseas guests, whom account for over 75% of  total Hotel guest numbers.

For more information, visit Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo.

SOURCE Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo



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