Finding the right hotel for your family or solo trip is time consuming, demanding, daunting and, at times, an exercise on patience and persistence, especially for those who like traveling but dislike planning. FindOptimal is a new free tool that allows travelers to explore the best booking strategy with savings up to  20-30% at a single hotel or 40-60% with hotel switching.  With more than 20 categories and 100 attributes to define your own personal hotel scoring system FindOptimal is in fact able to help travelers get substantial savings by selecting the right hotel at the right night, or calculate the best rate combination at the same hotel. Furthemore with Safety Index hot map FindOptimal can help travelers to find hotels in safer areas as well.

Clement Zhang Director  talked to Cheese Traveller about the new tool and how to make the most of it.

Q.What was the motivational force behind the creation of FindOptimal? How did you come up with the idea?

A. Everyone loves vacation, but not all like planning. I used to spend several hours in finding right hotels for our family trips. Existing travel websites don’t consider trade-offs of all factors I care about. Therefore I have to do so by myself, which means searching numerous web pages and compare them side by side for hours. Then I told myself there should be a better way to do this. That’s how the idea for was born. Today FindOptimal provides more than 20 categories, 100 attributes for you to define your own hotel scoring system. You can filter hotels with not only common features such as price range, star rating, and regular amenities but also our unique features including distance to your specific destination(s), rewards program, safety index, area demographics and hundreds of amenities. More importantly, you can assign a positive value (bonus) or a negative value (penalty) to each item you selected. With the information, FindOptimal can compare trade-offs of all factors you care about and return results tailored to your specific and detailed requirements. One day in a diner party, we started exchanging tips and tricks for saving money on travel. One friend said, “Staying at different hotels with similar conditions over multiple days could be much cheaper than staying at a single hotel. However, checking prices of many hotels at different nights is very time-consuming. If you can develop something to solve that problem, it would be a killing product.” So we did. Even better, FindOptimal allows you to explore the best booking strategy at the same hotel because switching hotels is a big hassle to many people.

Now, FindOptimal offers all those features to you for free, because we believe everyone deserves to know the best hotel booking solution and save more time on hotel searching.

Q. How the tool can bring real savings to travelers they don’t know about? How the tool actually works?

A. FindOptimal offers multiple ways to save on hotels. First, we compare prices from multiple OTA’s and hotel’s web site. Travelers won’t know those deals unless they check all of them. Second, we search secret hotels with deep discounts. Travelers can get those deals from our suppliers Priceline or Hotwire. The value we bring here is to reveal the secret hotel before you make the payment. The accuracy for Priceline Express Deals is above 90%. So we help travelers to save with a peace of mind. Last, our unique saving approach is finding the optimal rates by splitting multiple nights at a single hotel or among several hotels. Hotels charge very different rates at different nights. We help travelers to get savings by selecting the right hotel at the right night, or calculate the best rate combination at the same hotel with our proprietary algorithm.

Q. There are so many tools and so much information available to help travelers’ today. What makes FindOptimal unique? 

A. FindOptimal has many unique features you won’t find anywhere else. Below are some examples.

  1. We use patent pending algorithms and processes to help traveler pay less at a single hotel or a combination of multiple hotels.
  2. Using FindOptimal, you can enjoy all loyalty awards offered by the hotel (if you finish the booking with the link to the hotel’s website) or offered by the OTA (if you finish the booking with the link to that OTA).
  3. With FindOptimal, you have the full control of the hotel rankings in the search result.
  4. FindOptimal can evaluate trade-offs of different hotel features and amenities to find the hotel best fits your need. For example, “Free Breakfast” has more value for a family than for a single traveler. FindOptimal allows you to assign different value to such amenity and generate different hotel ranking for you.
  5. With FindOptimal, you can customize the amenity display. For instance, if you care about “Free Breakfast” or “Free Parking”, you can define them on the control panel. When a hotel meets the requirement, those amenities will be lighted and displayed in the front.
  6. FindOptimal provides multiple information overlays on the map, such as bicycle path, metro network, etc. Among them, Safety Index hot map is our proprietary content, which can help travelers to find hotels in safer areas.
  7. FindOptimal offers 100+ attributes on the control panel. Therefore, you can search for special hotels, such as hotels with kitchen, hotels with babysitting services, hotels with indoor pools, etc.
  8. FindOptimal accepts street level address and displays each hotel’s distance to the specific destination. This is handy if you want to find hotels in walking distance of a specific location.
  9. FindOptimal accepts multiple destinations and finds hotels with the shortest average distances to all those destinations. This is useful when you need to visit many places in a city or need to rest in the middle of a road trip.

Q. If you probably have to switch rooms during your stay the savings must be significant to worth the hassle. How much saving we are talking about?

A. In cities with lots of hotels, the savings could be 20-30% at a single hotel or 40-60% with hotel switching. Of course, it doesn’t apply to every hotel. If you decide to stay at the same hotel, the chance you need to switch rooms is very small. Moving you from one room to another involves more trouble at the service desk and more cost on room cleaning and supplies. So the hotel will try their best to keep you in the same room. Regarding hotel switching, the good thing of FindOptimal is that you can set up the minimum savings to make you move on the Optimizer panel. For example, if you set $100 as the switching cost, the final solution won’t involve any hotel switching if the saving is less than $100.

Either you are looking for a booking solution for a family trip or looking to accommodate a whole group of travelers FindOptimal is one of the best tools for the task. Try it yourself now and see what this tool can do for you and your family.


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