Fripito is an interesting new app that gives photographers, professional and amateur alike, insight into new areas

Fripito is an interesting new app that gives photographers, professionals and amateurs alike, insight into new areas through photo guides. Specifically, Fripito is a tool that helps photographers to be in the right place at the right time.

The newest version which not only sports a new design is also faster and comes with advanced search functions. Fripito app has already  more than 35K downloads and has received many excellent reviews and user ratings in AppStore. The series of photo guides offered is growing every day as Fripito works with professional photographers from all around the world.

Jan Brezina founder of the new travel app, member of the Photo Marketing Association International (PMAI), the International Photographic Council (IPC) and co-author of numerous photography books  talked to “Cheese Traveller” about the new app.

What was the motivational force behind the creation of the Fripito app?

I do photography and travel expeditions leading for living. My clients often ask me how I took specific pictures and I love sharing my experience, but I cannot possibly take everyone with me on an expedition. I decided to create an app to share my knowledge and all those beautiful places I have visited along with tips on how to photograph them. Together with a great local professional photographers from all around the world, I spent the last two years working on Fripito travel app made for photographers and I put all my knowledge into it.

What’s the key to developing a strong eye for photography? How the app helps amateur photographers to improve their photography skills and learn how to take the best pictures?

Strong eye for photography is about inspiration and practice. Each picture you see, every place you visit will form your mind and train your eye. So Fripito is endless source of inspiration because we work with great local photographers.

Fripito is an interesting app that gives you insight into new areas through photo guides. The more we are aware of our surroundings, the more images we can discover?

Absolutely! If you prepare your trip properly and you know what you are looking for, it is much more easier to discover great places and make better pictures.

Is the Guide just a blueprint or a tool to consult when you’re at a breathtaking location or landmark helping discover new potential shots?

If there will be dozen photographers at same place at the same time they will capture dozen of different pictures. Every person is unique and sees the world differently. Fripito is a tool that helps you to be in the right place at the right time. The rest is about creativity of each user.

The application was designed for photographers by photographers to scout locations around the world. The more you look at them the more you see unusual and intimate images to be discovered all around?

Yes, it is a learning process. Traveling with Fripito is awesome experience and source of inspiration at the same time.

The new travel app offers two types of guides, Inspiration and Photo, according to their content. A guide tagged as “Photo Guide” includes, in addition to the Inspiration content, a detailed time schedule. The prices for each guide vary from US$3.99 to US$8.99, according to the type.The currently available guides include: Iceland, Azores, Paris, Prague, Safari in South Africa, Bohemian Switzerland, London, Canary Islands, Bohemian Paradise, New York, Madeira, Philippines or Bolivia and others. Fripito publishes a new guide almost every week and among the upcoming guides are China, U.S. National Parks, Japan, Canada, Israel, Botswana, Namibia or Peru.