Travelers and businessmen need miles and The Mileage Club, leader in the frequent flyer brokerage industry, unveiled its new  website The Mileage Club aimed exactly at those frequent flyers, seasoned or novices. Buying miles on the favorite airline globally was never easier.
Traditionally, there are a few ways to acquire miles either by flying, using a credit card, or direct purchase from the airlines. All of them have restrictions and limits, or are generally too slow to be effective. This is why the new website is important to travelers entrepreneurs or business professionals. At The Mileage Club you no longer have to wait to earn miles on your favorite airlines. You can buy them at prices much cheaper, as often as you like, with no restrictions on the number of miles you may purchase.
Whether you need miles to top off your account, or just need to buy miles for an upcoming leisure trip, The Mileage Club makes it easy to order the miles online in a few clicks.
All businesses and travelers globally are realizing the power of using frequent flyer miles, especially internationally, where purchasing miles to fly in business and first class is saving them a lot of money.


SOURCE: The Mileage Club/ PRNewswire