Flight Delay Compensation

Flight delays and flight cancellations are stressful for passengers.Not to mention annoying and irritating. Furthermore, more than 10.000 flights are delayed for three hours or more daily due to “technical issues”. The interesting fact however in not about the number of flight delays but the astronomical number of 500.000 passengers that failed to claim their rightful  flight delay compensation from the airlines. Under EU rules, passengers are entitled to submit claims for flight delay compensation dating back six to ten years and get up to $650!


How To Get A Flight Delay Compensation

Cynthia Nixon Director of Business Development at Flightbucks talked to “Cheese Traveller” about the the Flight Delay Compensation Regulation and how to get compensation for delayed flights, airline delays and cancelled flights.

1. Who is eligible for compensation under the Flight Delay Compensation Regulation (EU) No 261/2004?

Any person traveling to and from Europe, including connecting flights through Europe, which experience a flight delay for 3+ hours or a cancellation due to the Airline. Any flight to and from Europe operated by a European carrier or a flight originating in Europe on any other Airline is eligible.

2. How difficult is to get compensation from an Airline and how Flightbucks can help?

Every Airline has its own process in place as to how the Claim should be submitted. Once the passenger files a Claim, it’s on them to follow up with the Airline throughout the process which can last up to several months. The Airlines will make it difficult with additional requests that add more frustration for the passenger. Flightbucks knows the legal allowable questions and legal allowable compensation, so we can move the Claim faster as we understand how to address these obstacles.

Here is how Flightbucks can help:

We are a team of travel and legal professionals who have expert knowledge and many years of experience working with European Passenger Rights. Flightbucks has a tracking process in place that ensures each of our claims are closely followed and addressed promptly. We only reach back to the passenger when it is absolutely necessary.

We save time and frustration; we are tenacious and we will fight till the very end for the passenger’s compensation.

3. Are there any specific steps travelers should do if the flight is canceled or delayed?

Reach out to Flightbucks as soon as possible! But should you have encountered a flight delay or cancellation in the past, you have up to 10 years for some Airlines to file your claim.
Here are the steps:
1. Submit your Claim at www.flightbucks.com using the CASH CODE 13001
2. Sign the Power of Attorney (will be sent shortly after receiving the Claim) so that Flightbucks can represent you.
3. Get your money!

4. How the compensation is calculated?

€250 for a flight less than 1500 km in distance.
€400 for a flight within the EU of greater than 1500 km in distance, or any other flight of greater than 1500 km but less than 3500 km in distance.
€600 (up to $675 dollars) for a flight not within EU of greater than 3500 km in distance.

Flightbucks pays the passenger the above mentioned amount minus the administrative fees in US dollars according to the relevant currency exchange rate.

5. What will happen if the Airline can prove that there were “extraordinary circumstances” beyond its control?

If an Airline can prove the “extraordinary circumstances” that caused the delay or cancellation, Flightbucks will close the case and notify the passenger. In this situation, the passenger will not be paying anything for our services. We only get paid if the Claim was successful and money is received from the Airline.

How to make sure you’re eligible for EU delayed flight Compensation

It must be stress out  however that you are NOT eligible for EU compensation on any American flight flying TO Europe. The flight compensation apply only on flights departing from Europe. Specifically:

  • Your flight must departing from an airport located in an EU Member State.
  • You must be traveling to an EU Member State.
  • You must use an airline based in an EU Member State.
  • You must have a confirmed reservation on the specific flight and have arrived in time for check-in.

Thus when you are facing  for example a delayed or cancelled flight from Paris to Rome using an EU member state airline, then you are fully eligible for compensation under EU law. Your country of origin makes no difference. Either you are an American, Canadian, French or Italian the law specifies that under the  flight regulation (EU) No 261/2004 you can and should apply for flight compensation. Furthermore, if a flight entering the EU is operated by a ‘code-share’, for example a passenger books an American Airlines code-share flight that is operated by an EU airline, that flight is also covered under EU 261.

What to do to get flight compensation

Did you experience a delayed or cancelled airline flight?In that case you are eligible for a flight refund. Don’t miss the opportunity to receive the cash compensation that is available to you for your time and inconveniences. Just enter a flight delay claim with Flightbucks and let the experienced staff  help you through the process. Enter CASH CODE 13001 and the Flightbucks crew will take extra care of you for all the stress and  trouble the airline delays have caused you.