Downtown Miami has everything you need and more for an urban adventure

Miami may be famous for its picturesque beaches, but it’s also one of the major cities in the US ensuring that its urban side is on par with other highly developed metros. We’ve actually touched on this in our past article ‘How Miami & the Beaches Offer the Perfect Staycation’ where we highlighted several world-class hotels that have joined the city’s ‘Summer of Temptations’ campaign which runs all the way until the end of September.

The concentration of city’s urban appeal lies in its heart, which is none other than Downtown Miami. This is where the hustle and bustle of The Magic City is most noticeable, especially with its exuberant attractions, facilities and other destinations.

Buildings and streets with timeless designs

Even Miami’s buildings themselves show the stylish quality of the city, as the iconic Ocean Drive is lined up with Art Deco structures that make you feel as if the streets are part of a movie set. Miami has the largest collection of Art Deco man-made wonders in the world which are even more awe-inspiring at night due to their neon lights.

Many walls in the cities are also designed with sanctioned graffiti and murals that appeal to the more artsy tourists. A simple walk along the streets of Miami is already an activity to remember with all the amazing sights and sounds you will encounter. Or better yet, take a bike and start pedaling without a preset route to turn the trip into an impromptu adventure just like how a father and son duo got intentionally lost in Downtown Miami. See video below:

Art, history and culture lover’s dream destination

Downtown Miami is littered with museums as well, which house all sorts of high-profile collections. HistoryMiami for one, is filled with cultural relics and exhibits that re-enact iconic events of the past which featured famous personalities like Frank Sinatra and The Beatles.

The Pérez Art Museum Miami or PAMM on the other hand, is a must-visit for any art enthusiast as it holds a massive art collection donated by its namesake. For science buffs, a report from the Miami Herald highlighted the recently opened Frost Science Museum which is home to both an aquarium and a cutting-edge planetarium that utilizes a projection and sound system found only in 12 other similar establishments in the whole world.

Food galore

Dining options are also in abundance in Downtown Miami; ranging from affordable food joints to fine dining restaurants. Among the most famous, according to an article by Just Lux magazine, are the creations of the Pubbelly Boys – restaurants of wide varieties that serve numerous kinds of Eastern and Western cuisines. If you prefer less formal dining spaces, food trucks which dish out Cubanos and other street food are also extremely popular among local foodies.

Shopper’s paradise

Of course, your Downtown Miami excursion would not be complete without taking something tangible that you can take home with you, so you’ll be happy to know the area has some of the best retail spaces in the city. Downtown Miami is in fact among the best shopping destinations in the entire region and Discover Homes recommends visiting famous spots like the Bayside Marketplace which houses several boutiques and retail stores. If you fancy accessories as souvenirs, a trip along the popular Jewelry District can get overwhelming with its variety of shops.

To sum it up, Downtown Miami has everything you need and more for an urban adventure. To help you plan and spend an amazing Miami vacation, you may get in touch with us through our Contact page.


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