Some of the United Kingdom and Ireland hottest road trip destinations for those who seek out authentic experiences and looking to really explore the area.

Drive And Discover the Best of United Kingdom And Ireland

A road trip is about the journey and the freedom of choosing where to go and when to stop. Having the absolute power to choose where to stop gives you great planning flexibility. This way you can have full control of starting points, stops and destinations.  Your trip will be full of surprises and adventures, so be prepared to have some epic memories.

A road trip experience in like no other and our past article “Iceland The Ultimate Road Trip” highlighted some of the Iceland wonders best seen by the driver’s seat.  This time we are heading for the United Kingdom and Ireland and their hottest road trip destinations.

Drive and discover the best of United Kingdom and Ireland

Wonderful landscapes and exciting history make United Kingdom and Ireland perfect for a road trip, especially for those who seek out authentic road trip experiences and for those who are looking to really explore the area they are visiting.

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United Kingdom and Ireland hottest road trips


Yes, London! Don’t be surprised by the somewhat awkward selection.  London itself is a great destination because of the city’s historic appeal, but the surrounding villages and historic sites are worth the trouble, especially if you have kids. Stonehenge and the national museum of the Royal Navy are among the most interesting locations. You are strongly encouraged to venture beyond the city limits to experience the culture and the rare beauty surrounding the cosmopolitan and loud London.


A city rich with history, art and football glory offers a great starting point for a road trip in Wales and Western England, where you can discover some of the most breathtaking drives in the United Kingdom. The city itself is close to some areas of outstanding natural beauty worth exploring.


Glasgow is Scotland’s biggest city full of energy, music, shopping and thriving restaurants. The best starting point to explore western Scotland’s striking islands, towering mountains and mystical lochs.


Dublin is a UNESCO world heritage, meaning that the city itself is a landmark of historic interest. In  addition the city offer fantastic pubs, restaurants, and museums. The city is home to the Guinness Storehouse and thus the perfect starting or ending point for the beer lovers.


The perfect spot to visit the stunning Cliff’s of Moher and King John’s Castle. Both in close proximity to the city can be seen in just one day!


If you want to experience the authentic Ireland then you should stop at Killarney. The surrounding areas and the city itself are the embodiment of a Celtic kingdom with misty mountains and snowcapped summits. The vibrant nightlife and the Irish flair will bring you back to the 21st century.


Galway is the perfect spot to start a tour of Ireland’s west coast. Nested along the Wild Atlantic way, spanning from County Donegal at Malin Head in the north to County Cork at Kinsale in the south, the area offers some of the country’s most significant historical sites and natural attractions. Here you have to get out of your car and walk the Salmon Weir Bridge to watch the fishermen and their catch.


Cork is home to the best seafood restaurants, pubs and breweries. A quick trip to the famous Blarney Stone, one of the most significant historical places in Ireland is recommended.

United Kingdom’s and Ireland’s landscapes and exciting history make these courtiers perfect for a road trip, especially for those who seek out authentic road trip experiences and for those like you, who are looking to really explore the area they are visiting.

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