Applying for a credit card based on cash-back deals and rewards they offer is the standard practice. There are some unexpectedly great benefits that might be important to a traveler hidden into the fine print, but there are a few things travelers must keep in mind before they decide to apply for a new credit card or leave home with their preferred ones.

Greg Geronemus, Co-CEO of smarTours which provides guided tour vacations to Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand and Cuba offered a few tips  to “Cheese Traveller”. “Call your credit company before you travel internationally. Many credit card firms will halt transactions when they see suspicious or unusual purchases. Calling the credit card company in advance of departure, lets them know you are traveling, and they should expect to see travel transactions. And it avoids any potential hassles.”

Credit cars have fees they charge and Greg Geronemus, Co-CEO of smarTours pointed out that “While you’re calling to inform your credit card company, ask about the fees that they charge for all relevant transactions. These fees can add up quickly, and you can make an informed decision about how to maneuver with your various cards when you’re traveling.” and recommended “Get “the chip” for your credit card. It’s becoming more and more important overseas, and we strongly recommend it to our travelers.”

Add-ons that a traveler might be interested in are:
Missed-Connection Insurance. The fear of losing the connecting flight and the prospect of sleeping in the airport floor waiting for a suitable flight is something that every traveler might experience all over the world. In case the traveler is unwilling or unable to pay for a room, credit cards that offer the add-on will provide a room and a meal to the card holder. There might be restrictions as well. The travel might need to be delayed for more than 12 hours or require an overnight stay.
Price-Drop Protection. This price protection might not be applied to jewelry, for example, but at least relieves some of the burden by refunding some of the difference.
Cell-Phone Replacement Insurance. Many credit cards companies can help cover the cost of a new telephone if one is broken or stolen. However the monthly bill should be paid by a qualifying credit card. Some restrictions apply and in case of theft the customer has to file a police report or other paperwork. For those unlucky enough to lose the phone in a taxi unfortunately nothing can be done.
More Time to Return Items. Not applicable to all kinds of products and the customer must have the receipt. The returned period time might be extended up to 90 days for some credit cards.
There are many interesting and beneficial add-ons that might be interesting to travelers but still one basic rule applies. The best way to save some money is to get a credit card with a low interest rate and low or no fees and pay the balances in full every month.