Morro Bay offers one of the widest varieties of foodie events and exciting activities on California's Central Coast.

If you like oysters then Morro Bay is your destination, Farming and savoring fresh Pacific Gold oysters in Morro Bay has been part of this quaint seaside village’s rich fishing history since 1923. Today the Morro Bay Oyster Company is still hard at work growing and harvesting Pacific Golds that can be found at restaurants and wine bars in Morro Bay, and throughout CA. Like all oysters, they’re flavored by their home waters, and now the Grassy Bar Oyster Company has joined in on the tasty farming culture here in Morro Bay. Morro Bay has such a rich oyster history, is there a better place to indulge yourself this August 5 on National Oyster Day than in Morro Bay? Or, for that matter, all year round?

“We have such a fantastic oyster culture here. Windows on the Water offers oyster Tuesdays, Tognazzini’s Dockside, Giovanni’s Fresh Fish Market and Dutchman’s Seafood House are great places to get your oyster on. Fresh, BBQed or baked, you can find them any way you prefer,” says Jennifer Little, Tourism Manager for Discover Morro Bay. “With our amazing weather, we produce oysters all year long, so there are a lot of reasons to celebrate in Morro Bay. Why not make oyster day every day?”

Oysters of the Bay

The cold, clean waters of Morro Bay produce two specific kinds of oysters, Pacific Gold and Grassy Bar. “The key to a good oyster is freshness,” explains Neal Maloney, owner of the Morro Bay Oyster Company. “It should smell of the seashore as the tide recedes over seaweed-covered rocks. It should be full in the shell, firm in texture, and brimming with the natural juice that is its life blood, not just sea water. Visitors of the Morro Bay Oyster Company can rest assured, our oysters are fresh and delicious.”

Summer Fun: Foodie Events

Morro Bay offers one of the widest varieties of foodie events and exciting activities on California’s Central Coast. Keep informed on what to do in Morro Bay by checking this calendar regularly.

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