Saturday, January 20, 2018
The Weather Channel digital properties team up with Twitter to livestream the solar eclipse on Aug. 21 starting at noon.
On August 21 millions viewers of The Weather Channel and  will be able to experience a solar eclipse like never before. The Weather Channel digital properties and Twitter have teamed up for a live stream of this once-in-a lifetime celestial event, which will allow consumers to chase the total solar eclipse in real time as it moves from...
How to make big hotel savings on hotel stays.
Hotel switching is the money saving solution from the new start up website “Nightly.” Based on a high speed proprietary algorithm the service compares hotel combinations on stays across two hotels, finding the most effective solution, in a particular city or destination without compromising on quality.  By switching hotels travelers can save considerable on their trip.  “We regularly see...
Most smartphone users in Japan know they should take security measures but very few actually follow these best practices like changing passwords regularly.
Japanese smartphone users  could be making themselves vulnerable to the threat of cybercrime, by failing to take simple security precautions while on-the-go. According to the findings from the ESET Japan Cyber-Savviness Report 2016, smartphone users in Japan being some of the most knowledgeable in Asia-Pacific when it comes to cybersecurity, this does not necessarily lead to safer online behavior. ...
What is your most memorable travel experience? Create a video that tells the story of an amazing adventure and submit it for a chance to win!
Cheaper Flights Thanks To NASA
Cheaper flights thanks to NASA. The new technologies, developed under the purview of NASA's Environmentally Responsible Aviation (ERA) project, could cut airline fuel use in half, pollution by 75 percent and noise to nearly one-eighth of today's levels. Furthermore ,the airlines could realize more than $250 billion dollars in savings thanks to green-related technologies developed and refined by NASA's...
Fripito is an interesting new app that gives photographers, professional and amateur alike, insight into new areas
Fripito is an interesting new app that gives photographers, professionals and amateurs alike, insight into new areas through photo guides. Specifically, Fripito is a tool that helps photographers to be in the right place at the right time. // The newest version which not only sports a new design is also faster and comes...
How to book your dream hotel room
The best way to obtain your dream hotel room at a sold out hotel is to continuously call the hotel’s front desk and  check their website for availability until you find an opening, right? Wrong! There is a new and innovative service that notifies you when  your dream hotel room opens up:Hotel Room Alerts. The service  was created to...

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