Saturday, January 20, 2018
UrLife is stellar for travel photos, but it’s also a perfect solution for holidays and other special occasions like a wedding, anniversary or a graduation.
People have always snapped photos on vacation, but the proliferation of smartphones has ushered in dramatic changes in the way we capture those photos and the myriad of ways the images can be utilized. Given forecasts that fully 2.53 billion people will own a smartphone by 2018, more and more vacationers will be capturing those precious vacation shots on...
Cheaper Flights Thanks To NASA
Cheaper flights thanks to NASA. The new technologies, developed under the purview of NASA's Environmentally Responsible Aviation (ERA) project, could cut airline fuel use in half, pollution by 75 percent and noise to nearly one-eighth of today's levels. Furthermore ,the airlines could realize more than $250 billion dollars in savings thanks to green-related technologies developed and refined by NASA's...
Fripito is an interesting new app that gives photographers, professional and amateur alike, insight into new areas
Fripito is an interesting new app that gives photographers, professionals and amateurs alike, insight into new areas through photo guides. Specifically, Fripito is a tool that helps photographers to be in the right place at the right time. // The newest version which not only sports a new design is also faster and comes...
How to book your dream hotel room
The best way to obtain your dream hotel room at a sold out hotel is to continuously call the hotel’s front desk and  check their website for availability until you find an opening, right? Wrong! There is a new and innovative service that notifies you when  your dream hotel room opens up:Hotel Room Alerts. The service  was created to...
lodging industry
The lodging industry of New York City had suffered a serious blow from Airbnb last year. The negative impact on the lodging industry and the broader economy of New York City over the course of the last year was $2.1 billion, according to a report commissioned by the Hotel Association of New York City.The report was conducted by HVS...
A team of  1300 seasoned professional travel agents, providing both expertise and a human touch and  whose collective expertise covers over 350 unique specializations and destinations is the core strength of “With our announcement this week on the new design, we can tout that the website gives consumers an easy way to find a travel specialist who...
Apps and Web applications
Apps and web applications focusing on core travel functions transform the way we travel and the choice of the destinations. A wide range of services from TripTogether and Tile, to Thrillophilia, TripCreator and Record360, allow travelers to plan better vacations suited to their specific needs, budged and preferences. At the same time the rapid exchange of travel information thought...
“Planning your trip in Iceland is quite important.” said to “ Cheese Traveller” CEO and founder Hilmar Halldórsson. "TripCreator" is that tool.
Iceland has been growing rapidly in popularity during the past few years attracting visitors both during summer and wintertime. Iceland never disappoints, but to have the best deal available you have to plan the trip ahead. This is where the new revolutionary free web platform "TripCreator", product of Icelandic ingenuity, comes to the center stage. By using state of...
Brilliance and innovation are behind the launch of the new free mobile app Record360 that protects customers from liability. “We developed Record360 as a way to protect consumers from liability when traveling, or sharing, renting property,” said emphatically CEO of Record360 Shane Skinner to “Cheese Traveller”. // “During my days at Enterprise...

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