If you ever wanted to explore the sea but underwater diving is not your strongest ability then you have to join one of the Hurtigruten cruises. Recently the exploration cruise company has partnered with Blueye Robotics; an innovative and environmentally conscious tech company in Norway, for the development of Blueeye Pioneer underwater drones.

As the drones share video and images of each guest’s underwater adventure, Blueeye and Hurtigruten implore guests to take exploring into their own hands, with all relevant content being stored and made available to scientists. The underwater drones will be offered to guests on two of Hurtigruten’s groundbreaking hybrid-powered cruise ships; MS Roald Amundsen and MS Fridtjof Nansen.

This collaboration between Blueeye Robotics and Hurtigruten is to make the mysterious realm of these waters accessible to all guests on board. Ultimately creating the best underwater experience and opening a wide range of exciting possibilities.

Developed in the extreme conditions of the Arctic Ocean where Hurtigruten has sailed for 125 years, the Blueye Pioneer drone has a unique combination of compact size and power. The creation of the device comes from the ideals both Hurtigruten and Blueye align with which is to conserve the ocean and protect it just as much as it yearns to be discovered. Keeping in mind that the drones are for guest use, there will be Hurtigruten guides who are there to assist guests with the proper handling and usage of the drones as most people are not familiar with operating them; therefore, ensuring no mishaps.




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