A list of customer-verified best weekend getaways for travelers living in or near New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Boston reveled Booking.com, the global leader in connecting travelers with the widest choice of incredible places to stay. These top-notch picks make it clear that travelers don’t have to fly  to a remote island to have a good time. Each of the recommendations on this list has been endorsed by over 90% of Booking.com reviewers and was selected based on the suitability of its endorsements to the weather (i.e. “beach” for sun, “museums” for rain).

Best Weekend Getaways to Plan Before Summer Ends

If you live in New York
Ever tire of waking up in a city that never sleeps? The buzz of the Big Apple is simply incomparable, with an endless roll-call of things to see and do. But for days when you’re not in a New York state of mind, there’s a whole world to explore outside the city limits. Sunshine or showers can’t hold you back, just hop on the highway and away you go!

Sunny skies? Head to…Rehoboth Beach
Endorsed for: beach, shopping, relaxation, family friendly, restaurants

Nothing but blue skies ahead? Grab the car keys and take a road trip down to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. This all-American resort town draws visitors in with golden sands, tax-free shopping and the quintessential beachfront boardwalk. Booking.com reviewers rave about its family-friendly funfairs, unique shops and nostalgic food, from Dolles’ iconic saltwater taffy to Grotto’s legendary pizzas.

Rainy days? Head to…Philadelphia
Endorsed for: history, museums, food, monuments, sightseeing, culture

If the sun isn’t on your side, forget the beach and head for Philly. Ok, so the TV show title may have stretched the truth, but this historic city drums up a warm welcome no matter how wet the weather. Booking.com reviewers were won over by the friendly people and filling food, from cheesesteaks to cheesecakes. Even in the rain, Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell never fail to inspire, and you can dodge the downpour while recreating Rocky’s run on your way up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

If you live in Los Angeles
Some come to the City of Angels to make their dreams come true. But what’s an Angelino to do when their dream is to escape the urban sprawl? Don’t let Tinsel town get you down – sunny beach breaks and city shopping sprees await. Whether you choose to cruise the coastal highway or sit back and relax on the Amtrak, a wealth of California day trips are right on your doorstep.

Sunny skies? Head to… Santa Barbara
Endorsed for: beach, shopping, relaxation, food, wine travel, scenery

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet – and nowhere is sweeter than Santa Barbara. A sweeping, south-facing bay is fringed by fragrant orange blossoms, swaying palm trees and the soaring Santa Ynez Mountains. Santa Barbara’s 300 sunny days a year mean the beach is always on the cards, while the Rainy days? Head to… San Diego
Endorsed for: zoo, food, shopping, sightseeing, museums, old town

Even when all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey, you can rely on San Diego for a vibrant shot of color. Its glittering skyline overlooks a stunning natural harbor, while the trolley zips along from bustling downtown past the Midway Museum to the colonial Old Town. If the heavens open up, take shelter in the tropical heat of Balboa Park’s Botanical Building. Nearby, the world-famous San Diego zoo offers shuttle buses to keep you dry as you flit from giraffes and gorillas to polar bears and pandas.

If you live in Miami
Let’s face it, Miami has it all. It’s nearly impossible to tire of this multicultural wonderland of glitzy resorts and glamorous Art Deco buildings. But if you can bear to tear yourself away from its soaring skyscrapers and sensuous salsa clubs, you’ll find Florida’s captivating contrasts stretch far beyond the city.

Sunny skies? Head to…Key West
Endorsed for: sunsets, nightlife, relaxation, beach, food, snorkeling

Sun’s out, the wind’s in your hair – now all that’s left to do is drive. Cruising south until there’s no more road left brings you to Key West. Once Hemingway’s hideaway, this tropical land’s end is closer to Havana, Cuba than Miami. Snorkel tours explore hidden coves, while scooter rentals cover every corner of the island. Just make sure you’re back at Mallory Square in time for that famous Key West sunset, before giving in to Duval Street’s neon-lit charms and pulsing beats.

Rainy days? Head to…Sarasota
Endorsed for: sand beaches, shopping, relaxation, restaurants, museums

A beachfront break is all well and good, but what if Florida’s famous sun refuses to come out and play? Fear not – Sarasota’s sandy shores may seem like the main attraction, but Booking.com reviewers also praise the city’s seafood restaurants, unique stores and vibrant arts scene. When storms strike, make for the Ringling complex to take in the Circus Museum, Florida State Art Museum and the spectacular Cà d’Zan mansion.

If you live in Boston
Old and new collide in this colonial gem-turned-major city, where culture lurks around every cobbled corner. But amid all these historical buildings and world-class colleges, doesn’t it all get a bit, well…serious? If you’ve ever dreamed of taking off into the big wide somewhere, now’s your chance!

Sunny skies? Head to… Montauk
Endorsed for: beach, relaxation, fishing, seafood, surfing, hiking

Enough stuffy summer days in the city, it’s time to get back to nature. Whether you drive to Montauk via New York or take the ferry from New London, Connecticut, this idyllic Long Island retreat is deliciously remote – not for nothing is it known as The End. Less crowded than its swanky Hamptons neighbors, down-to-earth Montauk is a top sport fishing and surf spot surrounded by wild beaches and protected parks. Visitors come back time and time again for its peaceful vibe, coastal scenery and fresh seafood.

Rainy days? Head to… Saratoga Springs  
Endorsed for: horse racing, food, relaxation, health spas, live music

Just because the weather’s less than ideal doesn’t mean staying indoors. Blow those cobwebs away on the scenic ride up to Saratoga Springs in New York. This pretty spa town’s imposing Victorian houses open onto wide tree-lined avenues filled with shops and restaurants, while visitors flock to take a gander and a gamble at the world-class race course. Keep out the chill with a hot soak in the Roosevelt Baths and Spa, fed by the mineral springs which give the town its name.

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