Autumn in Iceland is traditionally about the roundup of horses and sheep. Dances and food related events make fall another great occasion to visit Iceland.

Iceland’s largest and horse roundup, Laufskálarétt, takes place in Skagafjörður, an area famous for horse breeding, at 26 September. The main event begins early in the morning when riders leave Kolbeinsdalur valleyto gather the horses. The roundups are filled with song and laughter as the locals known as Skagfirðingar, are known for their pleasant and cheerful nature. The evening everybody, guest and locals will gather  in the equestrian centre in Svaðastaðir for an annual dance.

The Hrútadagar Ram Festival in Raufarhöfn at October 5 is organized by the sheep farmers in Þistilfjörður fjord, Sléttu, and Öxarfjörður fjord and offers owners, breeders, and potential buyers a platform to interact and engage in business. The festival ends with a fashioned “sveitaball” dance in the evening.

Djúpivogur is the center of food culture. after the sheep roundup Djúpivogur will celebrate the annual Sviðamessa from 30th September – 1st October. The Svið is a traditional Icelandic dish, made from boiled sheep’s head. A real palette challenge. Svið is regarded one of the most exotic food in Iceland.
Djúpivogur is also a member of the Cittaslow International movement The Cittaslow originated in Italy as an offshoot of the Slow Food movement, which focuses on traditional cooking methods. An occasion to visit the Slow Food market support local farmers and artisan food producers. Be there at 27 September to enjoy both food related events.
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