There is a very interesting theoretical question about adventure travel  with children which, although not unique to travel , nevertheless is not one that readily arises with respect to other popular travel  genres, such as luxury travel , cruising or  sightseeing and theme parks oriented travel. The question is: why would anyone be interested in adventurer travel with children to begin with?

Actually adventure travel or other outdoors oriented travel  in various parts of the world is possible with children. There can be a wonderful experience for both parents and children in many ways, but first of all parents need the proper preparation and of course the proper attitude.

Most activities and itineraries should maximize time in the outdoors. Visit areas with interesting fauna, birds and animal life is especially rewarding for small children. However parents must plan to spent most of the time outdoors regardless of weather conditions. Rain gear and worm clothes must be in your bags.

Driving must be done in small periods. So cut long segments of driving in small pieces. Preferably to a bare minimum.

Independence is a necessity. Be prepared to rent a vehicle at any time or even hire private guides on rare occasions.

Despite the fact that dinning out is one of the fun aspects of travel, with small children there are many benefits to cooking. For example cooking what children like and save some money. Furthermore, children are restless that means you can avoid waiting in restaurants with uneasy children.

Rent a camper or if you know how to sail charter a sailboat.

Adventure travel with children  means that there is an astronomical number of small tasks  that need to be done while traveling. Patience is a virtue. Not always everything goes according to plan. Be prepared to expect the unexpected.

Traveling will children is hard. Parents must be constantly vigilant and careful. However the moment one witness the joy and excitement in the children as they look around the myriad wonders earth has to offer and listen to them taking about all the strange creatures, birds and  flowers or about the sound of the river or how the sudden rain makes everything smells different then all the troubles and anxieties melt away!