Let’s  be clear about a couple of things. With  Best prices on Cirque du Soleil – O! Cirque du Soleil IS the best show in sin-city. But when the acrobats have a night off there is only one place that the visitors want to be and Live Like Kings at Caesars Palace! home of the Spiegelworld tent city’s best daring show Absinthe. Absinthe Live at Caesars Palace – Save Big on Tickets!.

A unique compilation of circus with cabaret and burlesque transports Absinthe guests to a world of oddities and delight, shock and enjoyment.Tap dancing to to a hip-hop beat is the signature Vegas start of the show. Oddities and surprises are in order in every singly turn . one act has men conducting conducting furniture removals across a high wire, and
later a girl dances with, and then inside, a giant viscous bubble while she is moving with elegance and grace,not to mention ability. Melody sweets the singing showgirl sings from a giant absinthe glass, wearing only a green thong and matching jeweled nipple tassels.

The Gazillionaire, needs no introduction as he is the epitome of what Vegas’s basest instincts are and his close-to-the- bone comedy will keep everybody entertained.

Absinthe is a great show and shares with  the number one place in Vegas shows. Absinthe is Live at Caesars Palace and YOU can Save Big on Tickets!