Cheese Traveller Magazine  is about Tourism with an extension to the travel and hospitality infrastructure while keeping a critical eye on the final consumer product or service.
“Well,” you may ask “if it is not about food or eating, why there is “cheese” in the title?”
Before I answer your question, I would like to stress out a couple of things about traveling and tourism that I hold dear. First.The core product of tourism are the experiences gained. Thus while traveling you have to employ all your intellectual virtues and absorb as many things as you can. Second. Never forget that tourism enhance memory creation.
Back to your question now. The best way to taste a culture is to taste it and cheese has this unique ability; to provide in a small bite the essence of the land you are visiting. Take for example Cheddar. To taste an artisan, unpasteurized, clothbound cheddar, from a small farm with raw milk is like tasting England! Experience gained….
Second, remember those old paper family vacation photographs where kids were forced to pose for the camera? What was the word to make them smile? “Say cheeeseee!” click!
Thank you for visiting!
Epaminondas Dimitriadis