The 6th Beijing International Art Biennale “Memory and Dream” will be exhibited in the National Art Museum of China from Sep. 24 to Oct.15, 2015.
The exhibition attracts 685 pieces of art from 96 countries covering paintings, sculptures, installations, videos and mixed media (188 from China and 497 from abroad). Besides the Theme Exhibition, there are six Special Exhibitions of Contemporary Art, including the Special Exhibition of Canada, the Special Exhibition of Chile, the Special Exhibition of Ecuador, the Special Exhibition of Southeast Asia, the Special Exhibition of Armenia and the Special Exhibition of South Africa. Both the number of participating countries and artworks and the duration of the exhibition of the 6th Beijing Biennale surpass previous ones.
It is the first time that the exhibition covers the whole exhibition line of the National Art Museum of China. The International Art Gala is the most varied ever in terms of countries participating and enriches the magnificent scenery of autumn in Beijing, providing a high standard visual feast for art lovers from all over the world. Beijing Biennale serves as a platform to demonstrate historical and cultural memories of different countries and express our expectation and aspiration for the future through art.
Artists from all over the world were encouraged to create paintings and sculptures related to the theme to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. History and reality are embodied in our memories and dreams, which also connect the past with the future. Therefore, the theme “Memory and Dream” illustrates best the humane views of the artists, evokes their passion for artistic creation and gives them room for imagination, thus producing artworks as deep as memories and as miraculous as dreams.
More than 6,000 artists from 106 countries and regions (including China) submitted 18,386 artworks, making this year’s Biennale the largest ever. Artists from China including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the US, France, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Greece, and Romania showed the most enthusiasm. Through fierce competition and a strict selection process, 605 artists from 96 countries including China, the US, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Canada, and Australia were invited to the Biennale, which is a record. And more than 90% of the artworks displayed were created by foreign artists. The practice of the past five sessions in a decade has made the exhibition well received in terms of its philosophy, themes, evaluation and organizing system.
Since its foundation in 2003, the BIAB has showcased contemporary paintings and sculptures from all over the world. The Biennale is an event recognized by artists globally and is Beijing’s largest platform of its kind.The Biennale is a time to appreciate 700 paintings and sculptures from different countries, communicate with other artists and get a firsthand taste of the passion of the Chinese people.

SOURCE:China Artists Association/PRNewswire