Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that you are in Cuba and you want to get from your hotel to a restaurant. You will probably call a taxi. You could also wish for an Uber. But, think again. What about a Coco-taxi? Admittedly they are a they’re quite loud, but the Cuban take on auto-rickshaws are worth the trip just to say you rode in something named after a coconut. Actually it really  looks like one. There are more interesting way to get around the globe and the new info-graphic form looks at the cultural icons used to get passengers form one point to another.

“Sometimes the journey is as much of an experience as the destination,” said Matt Oliver, from van insurance, “Taking a boat or a rickshaw can be a much more interesting trip than hopping on a bus.”

It’s a fact that when you’re traveling abroad it’s sometimes impossible to get an Uber. Trains, trams and buses will  get your to your destination. However there are times that event the local taxis might not work well with what your really want. To put it simply sometimes abroad you have to do as the locals do. Take the local transport like the rest of them.

Depending on where you are in the globe this local transport can be anything. From a Thai songthaew a part-bus, part-pickup truck that offers seating with an open back and a platform to cling onto to the Dutch Amfibus, which can take you along the road, but has no problems getting you across the River Clyde either. If you love adventure there is a long range of weird and beautiful vehicles waiting for you around the globe. Here are the 15 interesting ways to get around the globe:

Built for different purposes these transports can get you across water or to remote villages. Some are purely for tourists but still  they can be the best way to get around. The most important is that they can offer a sense of the local culture. Next time you are visiting a country consider using their local transports. You might be surprised.


Info-graphic credit:Dan Cook


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