Beauty is tied to the world. Just take a look around you. Sublime on the other side has the unique capacity to elevate the person who experience it. Looking for the first time some of the truly amazing places in the world  this feeling of something greater than the ordinary world stars to build inside you. It is true that any aesthetic experience involves both internal and external stimuli. The effect is registered on the human body. A strange feeling that goes beyond the apprehension of beauty. Actually,it is more than mere beauty and usually located in nature. The Grand Canyon is a quick example.

The first encounter with the sublime can have a deep impact on everybody. The sight is so exceptionally delicate and detailed that you can not hold on to it and makes your heart ached. You are close to something more than mere beautiful. You almost get exited and your heart is pounding hard but at the same time you have a strange feel of helplessness. You try to recall something similar something comparable but at the very  end you have to dismiss any comparison. At this point where feelings might overcome reason you fall in love with the place and at the same time you are unable, or better unwilling to do anything about it. You are experiencing something grater than the ordinary human world.


11 Sublime Beaches in Greece

  • Elafonisi. One of Crete’s most attractive beaches.
  • Porto Katsiki. The famous beach of Lefkada Island.
  • Canal d’ Amour. The romantic beach located in Sidari on Corfu Island.
  • Balos. In Kisamos’s bay, west of Chania (Ctete).
  • Myrtos Kefalonia’s top beach.
  • Navagio (Shipwreck)Navagio is Zakynthos’ landmark.
  • Voidokoilia. Located northwest of the historic town of Pylos, in Messinia.
  • Sarakiniko. In the southeast part of Milos.
  • Kokkini Paralia (Red beach). The most famous beach of Santorini.
  • Kolympithres. In the northwest part of Paros Island, near Naousa Bay.
  • Kolpos Agiou Pavlou (Saint Pavlos Bay) At the foot of the acropolis of Lindos.

Elafonisos greece

Did you find a place, anywhere in this wonderful world, that truly strikes you as sublime? Which one?